Few Tips to Protect Your Ipad

Ipad are a new must have thing recently , and now it is the most popular device in the world
but did you know how to use it properly and to take full potential of ipad
Know it ,most ipad users don’t know full potential of his ipad
that is because Apple do not give us a manual about ipad

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Here are tips for Ipad User :
Never leave your iPad in direct sunlight
Battery performance of your ipad and all devices with batterie is degraded over time so don’t make it worse with heat temperature that can make your ipad lifespawn batterie shinking way down and it only can be last for 2 to 4 years
Put a protective cover to keep your ipad safe ,in case your ipad dropped or something
this simple thing is so effective ,sure you will not want your brand new ipad get scratch because you dropped it ,so we want to be as save as possible.
Put a screen protector to your ipad screen

that will make your ipad screen safe from stratch
ipad screen is not anti scratch like gorilla glass so if there are accident like you scratch it with your pen or your ring that will leave scratch mark ,you don’t want that happen right ?
again ,we want to be as save as possible.
You can charge your iPad with another device through a USB connection

Wether it is computer or it’s a laptop so if you are using computer or laptop right now you can charge your ipad now,so use it
You can attach an external keyboard to your Ipad because it is easier to use keyboard than taping your screen ,nowadays there are protective cover that is attached to keyboard ,i suggest you to buy it. Not only it can cover your ipad this can save more time by typing than tapping.

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